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Marital & Family Law
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Personalized Legal Representation


At Kelli L. Mitchell PA, our practice is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of aggressive and compassionate representation in all aspects of family law matters and personal injury. We take the time to fully understand your present situation and future goals in order to establish a customized strategy that best suits your needs. Whether your case requires litigation or can be resolved through settlement negotiations, our client-centered approach is backed by years of legal expertise and aggressive representation necessary to protect your best interests and resolve your particular case effectively and efficiently.

Kelli L. Mitchell PA also provides private family law mediation services represented and self-represented parties.

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From marital and family law matters to mediations, we have the knowledge, experience, and dedication to map out a tailored strategy and see you through all aspects of your case.

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Family law cases require an aggressive, yet compassionate approach that respects your past and protects your future. Our goal is not only to provide excellent legal representation, but also to give every client the individual attention they deserve.




This relatively modern approach to resolving legal disputes allows us to facilitate creative negotiations with your spouse outside of the courtroom in order to create an amicable agreement for all aspects of your divorce.


Some disputes can only be resolved in the courtroom.  Other, through settlement negotiations and mediation.  Each case is unique, and you need an attorney with the flexibility, experience, and knowledge to handle it all.  Whatever your case requires, the law offices of Kelli L. Mitchell PA are committed to meeting the specific needs of your family law or personal injury matter.

Family Law 

Matters related to family law can present a number of unique challenges that affect everything from personal finances to family relationships. At Kelli L. Mitchell PA, our practice is dedicated to all aspects of family law, including dissolution of marriage, collaborative divorce, post-judgment enforcement and modification, and marital agreements. We take the time to fully understand your present situation and future goals in order to establish a customized strategy that best suits your family’s needs. 

Whether your case requires litigation or can be settled through mediation or collaborative negotiations, our compassionate, client-centered approach is backed by the legal expertise and aggressive representation necessary to protect your best interests.

  • Dissolution of Marriage

  • Equitable Distribution of Assets and Liabilities 

  • Alimony and Child Support

  • Parenting Plans: Timesharing and Custody

  • Enforcement and Contempt

  • Premarital, Prenuptial, and Postnuptial Agreements

  • Annulments

  • Modification of Timesharing, Child Support, and Alimony

Mediation is a commonly used method to settle family law cases, and in many districts, parties to a divorce or other family law dispute must attempt to resolve their differences through mediation before seeking resolution from the court.  However, when settlement cannot be achieved or is no longer a viable option, you need an aggressive, detail-oriented, and experienced litigator to ask the right questions, gather the right evidence, strategically prepare, and confidently present a solid case in the courtroom.   Ms. Mitchell has litigated a broad spectrum of family law disputes, including divorce, modifications and paternity actions, and has ample experience in the courtroom.

Family Law Mediation

More often than not, litigating a family law case is very expensive, time-consuming, and extraordinarily stressful.  In lieu of litigation, mediation is one alternative to resolving your family law case in a more efficient and less costly manner.  In addition, mediation allows the parties much more control over the outcome than what is often found when a judge makes a final decision on issues that are important to you.  

Mediation involves the use of a specially trained, neutral third party who assists the parties in negotiating and reaching a settlement. Mediators do not provide legal advice but may offer creative options and solutions that facilitate a settlement.  All negotiations conducted during a formal mediation remain confidential, regardless of whether or not a settlement is reached, and are conducted in an office dedicated to mediation, not a courtroom.

All matters and disputes related to your family law matter, including divorce, timesharing/custody, and enforcement matters, can most likely be resolved through this process and is strongly encouraged (and often required) by the courts.  Mediation can be conducted before or after filing your case.  The advantages of settling your case out of court through mediation are:

•    More cost-effective  
•    Less time consuming
•    More control over the outcome
•    Privacy

Ms. Mitchell is a Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator with extensive experience and training in the mediation process.  Our office provides mediation services to represented and pro se parties for full and half-day sessions at our Swann Avenue location or any professional location in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties.  Mediations at the Swann Avenue office include separate conference rooms, refreshments, and wi-fi.

To schedule your mediation, please review the following calendar for available mediation and contact Kelli L. Mitchell PA at (813) 254-4433. All mediations must be scheduled in advance.

Collaborative Divorce

Divorce is often portrayed as a highly confrontational courtroom battle that leaves both parties feeling emotionally and financially drained.  It does not have to be that way.  The Collaborative Method of Divorce offers an amicable alternative that focuses on cooperation, transparency, and promotes common goals, with an emphasis on avoiding litigation and family strife.  This method has been particularly effective in mitigating the emotional effects of divorce on children, promoting privacy, and most importantly, preserving parental and family relationships.  

Unlike traditional litigation, a Collaborative Divorce will only work through complete transparency, which requires the participants, including each party’s attorney, to enter into a specific collaborative participation agreement that outlines the rules of conduct, anticipated goals, and parameters of the process.  Each party must be represented by their own attorney, and violation of this agreement puts an end to the collaborative process and the divorce will transition into litigation.  A settlement is accomplished through a number of means, including but not limited to individual settlement conferences dedicated to a specific aspect of the divorce.  The use of experts, such as forensic accountants, real estate appraisers, and facilitators is encouraged to promote respectful, transparent, and fair negotiations and agreements.


Ms. Mitchell received her advanced training in the collaborative method of divorce in early 2013 through the Interdisciplinary Family Collaborative Practice Training.  

For more information on how the collaborative process works, please contact Kelli L. Mitchell PA today at (813) 254-4433.


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